Stories by Fatimah – Book

Stories By Fatimah by Fatimah Soltanian Fard Jahromi

Author: Fatimah Soltanian Fard Jahromi

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Stories by Fatimah: A Collection of Short Stories, based on the web series of the same name, is a collection of ten short stories written and illustrated by Fatimah Soltanian Fard Jahromi. The theme of each web episode was the author narrating a story while drawing a character. Each story in the book, rewritten by Fatimah Soltanian Fard Jahromi and with new illustrations, takes the reader to new places and adventures. Suitable for people of all ages, Stories by Fatimah immerses the reader into the world and emotions of each character.

Stories by Fatimah – Web Series

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Come along with my characters on different adventures and to different places on this web series. All Stories by Fatimah episodes are captioned by me (not by YouTube default) with English subtitles for the hearing impaired.

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